EUROPAN16 Austria

Living Cities

Photo © Manuela Wilpernig

This book showcases six innovative, prize-winning proposals for the 16th EUROPAN competition for young planners under the age of forty. 

The projects are designed for locations in three Austrian cities: Graz, Klagenfurt, and Linz. They address important issues like climate change and human-made social, economic, environmental, and cultural inequalities, as well as show how architecture can play an important role in coping with such challenges. ‘Balancing’ and ‘repairing’ solutions are urgently needed to respond to the local, regional, and territorial impacts of an escalating, multi-layered global crisis. The right to the city and the question of social inclusion can no longer be conducted outside the debate about having arrived in the Anthropocene and the premises deriving from it. ‘Living Cities’ calls for a new planning paradigm determined to develop integrative strategies for a caring coexistence. It presents a nuanced understanding for the current discourse on urban development and architecture, and its translation into processes and projects. 

With texts by Andreas Hofer, Benni Eder, Susanne Eliasson, Iris Kaltenegger, Elke Krasny, Bart Lootsma, Elisabeth Merk, Akil Scafe-Smith, Paola Viganò, Bernd Vlay and a photo series by Bas Princen 

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EUROPAN15 Austria

Productive Cities 2

This book features the twelve winning submissions to the 2019 Productive Cities 2 competition for the Austrian cities Graz, Innsbruck, Villach, Weiz, and Vienna. They are presented in great detail through photos, drawings and visualizations, along with commenting texts. The projects focuses on architectural and urban-planning interventions and processes. They offer innovative concepts for the use of public space as well as holistic solutions for sustainable construction and models for cross-functional use of space. The book is a rich source for trend-setting ideas about our future cities and the development of a new urban lifestyle.

With contributions by Blaž Babnik Romaniuk, Kristiaan Borret, Iris Kaltenegger, Verena Konrad, Bart Lootsma, Katharina Urbanek and Bernd Vlay; an editorial by Iris Kaltenegger, as well as brief statements by Eva-Maria Benedikt, Oswin Donnerer, Philipp Fromm, Martin Haas, Guido Mosser and Christopher Kreiner.

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