Eva Hierzer (AT), architect
Stephan Brugger (AT), architect
Based in: Graz, AUSTRIA

Team Description: It is not smart! It is essential! It is MULTIPLICITY.
This highly enclosed industrial site between residential areas and the river cannot expand into any direction. Therefore it has to set its focus on quality instead on quantity as its key characteristic. However, the latest developments throughout the past years already show the potential and possible future towards MULTIPLICITY. This is why we suggest to continue on this path and RECONNECT the area with the city, REPAIR the existing developments that already have the tendency towards MULTIPLICITY, RECYCLE the existing structures that lack of program but not of potential and REVIVE all by focused and enhanced urban developments as well as an active renaturalization for a livable urban climate.

Jury Statement: “The jury appreciates unanimously the coherent approach between the strategic site and the project. Its analysis which proposes a unified strategy that aims to bring about programmatic differentiation and makes it tangible throughout the territory is reflected in the building. It applies the urban strategy by juxtaposing programs in a large, neutral space, which is seen as viable.”

Photo: © NOW Architektur

Team Statement: “What inspired us most and led us to choosing this site was the existing building in context with the overall topic: Productive Cities - from linear to circular economy. As young architects we do understand our built environment as an ever changing space shaped not only by its built structure but also and especially by its users. Instead of replacing existing buildings by new ones we have to search for potentials within the existing space, appreciate its present state, enhance its spatial structure in order to enable an ever changing space reused and recycled by its users - which, for us, embodies true sustainable architecture."