Ursula Hauser (DE), architect
Julia Ulrich (DE), architect
Lukas Mühle (DE), urban planner
Based in: München, GERMANY

Team Description: The area is divided into three clusters: Energy Hub-Food Hub–Recycling Hub. Concerning cradle to cradle concepts, material cycles can be closed for the individual clusters so that emissions and waste are reduced to a minimum. The nucleus is the Cola hall, in which the three clusters overlap. Based on the existing grid, a recycling factory is created that functions as public space through its transparent, open facade and floor plan design and invites people to watch production processes. The roof areas and patios serve as new meeting place in the district. The landscape complements the identity of the clusters and offers social interactions with the neighbourhood. Three green fingers interlink east and west residential areas, provide fresh air and integrate sports and leisure activities.

Jury Statement: “The jury acknowledges the idea to take up the formal language of the neighbourhood and thereby possibly create an identity of space.”

Photo: © Ursula Hauser, Julia Ulrich, Lukas Mühle

Team Statement: “It is undisputed that we must organise our production and consumption as efficiently as possible and reuse materials in the most practical way possible. The project site, and in particular the conversion of the old Coca-Cola warehouse, is for us the best example of how knowledge and manufacturing industry need to overlap in close proximity to each other in order to achieve synergies between different industries and close production cycles."