Ina Specht (DE), architect
Marlen Beckedahl (DE), architect
Based in Berlin & Köln, GERMANY

Team Description: „ReHUB“ connects the multilayered aspects and evolving demands of work and life. With the extended Coca-Cola halls as a Hub for creative innovation and a green forest-like isle at the area’s heart, „ReHUB“  provides the whole site with a clear identity, consisting of multiple characters.
Along a north-south axis of the area, clearly defined programmatic fields are created: A marketplace, an urban playground, the Hub, and a wild meadow. Furthermore, two of the existing areas are integrated. As a key for an own identity, these programmatic fields are opened up by permeabilities on an west-east axis, which start from clear architectural entry-points. These lead pedestrians from busy traffic areas in the west, over car-free zones to regenerative spaces at the Mur in the east.

Jury Statement: “The development of the location is done clearly and systematically. The main focus is on programming of varied qualities for public spaces. Each of these vastly different spaces draws its purpose and its quality from the neighbouring industrial areas. The new approach divides the site not only into differently programmed areas but also into different and beneficial infrastructures for transport. The green network transforms the location into a lively part of town.”

Photo: © Studio MIN Architects

Team Statement: "Our goal was to explore the existing spacial, typologic and programmatic identities of the site and strengthen these in a sustainable and sensible manner. Then we aimed to generate spaces for communication with a focus on alterable- and multipurpose characteristics. We created patterns and specific fields for a regenerative, lively area for leisure, work and culture.”