Luigi Costamagna (IT), architect
Celia Cardona Cava (ES), architect
Gabriele Cagini (IT), economist
Paula Camila Godoy Gutierrez (CO), interior designer
Alessandro Talò (IT), architect
Lorenzo Giampietro (IT), archaeologist
Based in: Milano, ITALY

Team Description: Freeing up soil, through the densification of factories. Make this density increase efficient through the creation of synergies between already established companies and those to come, going towards a circular economy model. “Layout the field” with punctual actions; making the freed surface accessible, attractive, and safe to the public, in order to attract citizens who can experience the 3’R culture, to make them participate together, with all the characters who are working for the development of the city.
To do this, give simple, open, and adaptive rules, that can bend to the needs of stakeholders; “resilient” rules that can actively respond to any economic, social, political, and climate variation. With the aim of re-generating a piece of the city, creating identity to introduce a shared, mature, and democratic way of life.

Jury Statement: “The jury unanimously values the ideological statement of the project and its consequent elaboration. Densifying is a sustainable option, because it allows to keep land free. A clear stance is expressed by 47Nord15Ost resulting in building higher to keep land unbuilt. Its intrinsic approach to “raw earth” is rated highly, because it is simply something else than a roof garden on top of a shed.

Besides that, the flexibility of the proposal and the productivity in the third dimension is deemed as one of the main assets of this project. It offers possibilities for diverse productive forms with a real mix of functions and various modes of production throughout the building. A generic spatial ring-volume is kept free of any logistic cores (they are located on the perimeter), thereby ensuring flexible horizontal and vertical uses.”

Team Statement: "Europan was our most challenging competition so far. We didn't know if our approach was going to be right for the area in the eyes of the jury, but we believe it was the balanced answer for the district and its inhabitants. We did Europan while building our own practice, so it was a shaping process for us, in many ways. Our aim was to define a process, not a mere project; a right mix of up-to-down and down-to-up solutions, in order to maximize its possibilities to be realized. This project has enabled us to be fully true to ourselves."

Photo: © Mattia Cattaneo