Ekehardt Rainalter (AT), architect
Andreas Brandstetter (AT), student in architecture
Based in: Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

Team Description: The planning area in Innsbruck lies between the city and the river and is very much affected by the Inn. This project aims to merge and intersect these two components by interpolating. A new landscape emerges as a filter and a connection. It enables productive places, where people interact, learn, relax and produce. The hard border dissolves and allows the interaction of water and city. Through different levels that either sit close to the river or react to the dynamics of the river with pushing back, this complexity is formed. The river becomes mentaly extended to its former size, a third dimension that responds to the given, to soften this hard boundary to the Inn and emerge the potentials and sufficiencies of the river.

Jury Statement: “The focus on public space is acknowledged as crucial for this site. Interpolation is one of the projects that deals with that issue intensively and is therefore envisaged as interesting.”

Team Statement: "INNterpolation - creating a filter between the river and the city. By using the potential of urban spaces and the Inn and connecting them, another dimension was created. This idea was implemented in the structure by not exactly creating volumes, but more by creating a whole landscape that evolves from water and becomes part of the urban context. Hopefully Innterpolation can contribute to the development in Innsbruck and bring the discussion forward."