Takeshi Yamamura (JP), architect urbanist
Natalia Sanzlavina (ES), architect
Keita Yamamoto (JP), student in architecture
Shun Saito (JP), student in architecture
Haruka Kotani (JP), student in architecture
Yuta Yamamoto (JP), student in architecture
Kanako Masubuchi (JP), student in architecture
Yosuke Nakamura (JP), student in architecture
Based in: Shinjuku, JAPAN

Team Description: Market scape city is a new hub that forms an invisible network in the city by people and things gathering and dispersing at one time. We regard this place as a hub in Innsbruck and envision a market scape city as a network hub with culture, community and knowledge as core. This hub will be the infrastructure for a new life of people living here, and for visitors as a new base of tourism adjacent to the old city, a new core of the city. Based on the modification of the market space so far in Innsbruck, we design a market-scape city where market space is developed the city, and the scenery of vibrant place is scattered throughout the city.

Jury Statement: “The project is seen with interest as an exploration of possibilities and amongst those dealing with openness is appreciated as the most radical one.”