José Carlos López Cervantes (ES), architect
Cintya Eva Sánchez Morales (ES), architect
Based in: Innsbruck, AUSTRIA


Team Description: Blue is the new green - An urban campus based on the premises of blue sustainability.
In relation to the Europan 15 topic, which particularly focus on the issue of the ecological transition related to a vision of the productive city, we propose the idea of the blue campus, defined as an urban area with common symbiosis towards a new concept of productive city. This productive area is based on the concepts of Blue Sustainability which is the newly coined name for a personal lifestyle approach that incorporates green but goes beyond environmental issues to include health/wellbeing, social and cultural issues. Sustainability, culture, community and technology are key ingredients in creating products for this emerging sharing economy. The blue campus contains innovative venues which strategically attend to design synergies between these four main topics.

Jury Statement: “The jury attests that the brief asks for a new identity, for interesting spaces and the connection from the hinterland to the river. Blue campus proposes a connection as an impressive attraction, that acts more like a sculptural piece.”

Photo: © StudioSoqotra

Team Statement: "From Plaza to Campus - Switching Urban Space Typology. The Marktplatz and its surroundings are seen as a square which doesn’t correspond to the urban scene. Our project proposed switching the urban space typology from a plaza to a campus. Not looking at the site as the canonical understanding of a plaza, meaning a public space framed by buildings for social interaction. This doesn’t fit programmatically or morphologically in this context. A campus instead is a much more open concept which alludes to a broader concept of an area, defined by its ground that contains facilities sharing a social, cultural and technological objective.“