Mattia Inselvini (IT), architect
Valentina Fantini (IT), architect
Marcello Carpino (IT), student in architecture
Claudia Consonni (IT), architect
Marco Gambare (IT), architect
Margherita Borroni (IT), architect
Anna Jo Banke (DK), student in architecture
Joon Hyuk Ma (KR), student in architecture
Based In: Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Team Description: Is it possible to organize a neighbourhood in which living and working are interwoven in a natural way? In which there is room for the creation of a living community that is able to move and make? Januskopf is a design proposal for a system that integrates housing, productive spaces and public areas with the ambition to resolve the missing puzzle piece of Neu Marx Neighbourhood, linking and framing different scales from urban to interior.
Like the two-faced Roman god, Januskopf expresses itself through 2 opposite façades, responding to site’s idiosyncrasies: a translucent and semi-open winter garden stands out against the busy and polluted Rennweg, while a system of wide and gently-sloped terraces stretches out to the adjacent residential tissue  in the south.

Jury Statement: “The project explores the creation of various qualities in this specific place. For example, with the organisation of different functions into louder and quieter zones and the associated front winter garden. The resulting concept with a straight side and a terraced side seems comprehensible and, on the whole, the programmatic distribution seems sophisticated. […] The jury appreciates the asymmetrical concept of this project, responding to an asymmetrical context of two different roads and urban fabrics.”

Team Statement: "We have decided to work on E15 - Wien for the complexity and inherent potential of the site.
The challenges of a fast-changing urban fragment, the necessity to deal at the same time with current issues and future needs, led us to propose the double-faced strategy, which we consider one of the strongest feature of our project.
A translucent buffer shields housing and workspaces from the busy and polluted Rennweg, while a system of wide and gently-sloped terraces stretches out towards the adjacent residential tissue in the south.
We have worked on buildings, cities, interior, exterior and objects in our professional careers prior to our inception. We don’t really know what we are yet, but we are now eager to play an active role in the next design phases of E15 - Wien."