Anita Laukart (DE), architect
Mara Haas (AT), urban planner
Raphaela Leu (AT), architect
Sandra Großauer (AT), architect
Johanna Sieberer (AT), architect
Maximilian Quick (DE), architect
Based in: Wien, AUSTRIA

Team Description: The urban transformation of the "enclave" creates a unique opportunity to give the site a new identity and to create a new central node, creating synergies to the surrounding neighborhood. The new urban structure blends into the surrounding area by creating high-quality pedestrian and bicycle connections from and to the existing rapid transport railway station. By creating a multifunctional production site, the city of short distances will be further developed and reinterpreted. Entire production processes are possible under one roof. The combination of different forms of living and community facilities are a necessary complement to support the 24h city.

Jury Statement: “The predominantly well-planned and practical typologies convinces the jury. The project shows differentiated areas and is clearly and simply structured. […]The atriums with roof gardens prove that production and residences can successfully co-exist. […] In conclusion the project was viewed as very refreshing and met the requirements of the productive city extremely well.”

Team Statement: “For us, as young planners, Europan 15 was a unique possibility to challenge ourselves and start fundamental discussions about emerging topics of urban development. This process resulted in three main principles on which we have built our MARX DOCKS: First, the contrasts of private living like in a village and large-scale production do not only co-exist on one site, but build synergies. Second, the former enclave will get a new identity through visualizing production processes. Third, in order to create high-quality living spaces, best possible working conditions and attractive public spaces, the whole project is dedicated to the principle of human-scale planning. The main achievement was transforming our intense verbal discussions into a strong visual representation of these main principles.”