Jose Manuel Lopez Ujaque (ES), architect
Mercedes Naranjo Ruiz Atienza (ES), student in architecture
Paula Pastor Pastor (ES), student in architecture
Based In: Alicante, SPAIN

Team Statement: One of Vienna’s most attractive morphological characteristics is the presence of its elevated railway infrastructure, whose reappropriation over time has built a very particular identity. However, can we build another kind of identity based on the absence of this infrastructure? In this sense we understand that the plot itself, "as found", has a certain value and, above all, "capacity." What the project proposes to build is precisely the spectacle of logistics referred by Nina Rappaport as a necessary condition to "involve the public in the cycles of production, consumption and recycling necessary to create a self-sufficient city." So, we aim to turn this footprint of the past into a "capable" image of the future which mixes housing and industry.

Jury Statement: “The jury agrees that the project has a strong and innovative concept, which is well elaborated and advanced. The main theme conveyed here, is visibility and exposure of the productive city; both, inside the building and towards the external. Two facing discs generate a kind of mutual presence between people who live and work here.  The internal street and the slim slabs allow everybody (internal & external) for close encounter with productive functions. Hence, this project is thought to substantially contribute on the issue of productive typologies in the city. The slim industrial spaces proposed, create a new spatial framework that can be well combined with housing and therefore is deemed very innovative.”