Peter Kuttner (AT), architect
Katharina Hentsch (AT), architect
Erik Mothwurf (AT), architect
Andreas Friedwagner (AT), student in architecture
Stefan Weiner (AT), architect
Sarah Beyer (AT), architect
Based in: Vienna, AUSTRIA

Project Description by Team: A “Living City” requires of urban planners, municipalities and all relevant decision-holders to make 100% of the city available to their citizens. These 100% are neither profit-oriented, overpriced or reserved for exclusive groups. Instead, 100% of the city should purely be allocated to the common good. It must be open for appropriation, easily accessible and simply available for all cultural backgrounds and their everchanging situations. 100% not only serves as a benchmark, but also as a dogma. In this way, the district actually and noticeably releases the total of 100% surface area to the community and their common needs.

Photos: © Beyer, Friedwagner, Hentsch, Kuttner, Mothwurf, Weiner

Team Statement: "Even though our fundamental call for 100% of public space, spanning over an entire city, a district or a plot, couldn't be phrased any simpler, this request clearly opens up an intriguing discourse about the city's fabric and accessibility. In our point of view, a basic change of heart in city officials, planning regulations as well as funding politics could be implemented without much ado, thereby greatly supporting a shift to an inclusive and diverse city. The site in Klagenfurt is full of opportunities and the demand for its revaluation is urgent. With our credo in mind, it was an exciting challenge and great pleasure for us to apply our visions on such a crucial plot."