Leonard Ma (CA), architect
Larissa Franz (DE), urban planner
Marius Savickas (LT), architect
Carmen Lee (CA), architect
Sean Tyler (GB), urban planner
Based in: Helsinki, FINLAND

Project Description by Team: As Klagenfurt is embedded into new mobility networks it is offered a distinct opportunity to reimagine the future of the European mid-sized city. With its strong educational network and existing resources, Klagenfurt can situate itself as a post-commuter city by creating new places for meeting and working along the high speed rail network. Campus introduces a specific architectural device, the cloistered garden that establishes an urban form of overlapping, learning, working and living typologies, to create a specific social constituency defined by learning. The project aims to create a porous network of public realms that opens up the traditionally closed structure of the city block while following the compact scale of Klagenfurt’s historic city centre.