Lorenzo Maritan (IT), architect
Tommaso Barni (IT), architect
Luca Lagorio (IT), architect
Maximilian Holl (AT), architect
Mattia Mauri (IT), 3D-designer
Based in: Oleggio, ITALY

Project Description by Team: During a historical moment that has experienced dramatical environmental transformations and lack of economical stability, the traditional highly consuming city has to be left for a “living city”, a new disruptive model of urbanity.
The stage in which Klagenfurt will be able to perform will raise awareness on these topics, hence, the site bears the potential of being not just the urban door of the city, but also a model for future developments. The name of the project, Demetra, enhances the capacity of nature to stretch, change, evolve, mute according to the surrounding context, as a living being. In the same way, our project is capable of extending or retracting in order to match the current needs of Klagenfurt and its citizens, in a symbiotic dichotomy between city and nature.