Xiang Shi (CN), architect
Mengyuan Cao (CN), architect
Nan Liu (CN), architect & urbanist
Based in: Stuttgart, DEUTSCHLAND

Project Description by Team: Rather than a dramatic densification with focus on architectural objects, this project concentrates more on how to create communal and collective life within and between residential buildings. The architectural extension of each type is moderate and does not change the original proportion and form, but a much bigger diversity of housing typology would be created to meet the diverse requirements for use and different rhythms of each specific group of tenants.
Between the residential buildings, another layer of semi-public functions would be offered as communal and shared spaces for all the residents (current or new): those functions would be carefully explored and given according to the adjacent apartment types.
Together with the newly added mixed-use public spaces, those communal spaces in-between would efficiently activate the public open space surround the buildings.

Photo © Xiang Shi, Nan Liu, Xi Wu, Tianci Xie, Mengyuan Cao