Andrea Alessio (IT), architect & urbanist
Ilaria Ariolfo (IT), architect
Davide Barreri (IT), architect
Marta Grignani (IT), architect
Francesco Pizzutoli (IT), student in architecture
Carlo Musso (IT), student in architecture
Tymon Tomasz Wolender (IT), student in architecture
Based in: Torino, ITALY

Project Description by Team: The district of Froschberg is getting ready to integrate new inhabitants and to redefine its community; in order to achieve this goal we believe in main flexible strategies to create a new identity able to adapt itself to the future potential changes.
The primary focus of the Ungated Lasting Community  strategy is to generate an appealing vibrant and dynamic urban environment able to function both as catalyst for local economies’ and magnet for specific actors at bigger scales.
Our proposal is not meant to be a finished form, but a strategic vision based around principles capable of adapting to real needs at any time; it is conceived more as micro-interventions intended to reinforce the urban structure and the identity of the place as a social value without sudden alteration.