Bartlomiej Poteralski (PL), architect
Bartosz Kowal (PL), architect
Konrad Zaborski (PL), architect
Jakub Kozaczenko (PL), architect
Lukasz Modrzejewski (PL), architect
Wojciech Mazan (PL), architect_urbanist
Mirabela Jurczenko (PL), architect
Based in: Graz, AUSTRIA

Project Description by Team: Gries is now one of the fastest developing areas in Graz. Organic growth of the district reflects a variety of typologies and structures, scattered along the millstream. An ongoing process of densification might not leave any space for the communal and social life for the neighbourhoods. Therefore our project aims to create a tool for the city, with which the process of redevelopment will be connected to activating millstream and building social infrastructure, at the same time respecting and embracing the complexity of an urban tissue.
Project introduces Artefacts - elements made by spanning objects, planned on the creak to facilitate public functions. They are the starting points of the transformations, therefore operate as a tool to control and navigate possible changes.They also strengthen the connections which run not only inside of Gries, but through the entire Graz.