Educating Inclusivity

Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban planner/landscape architect/traffic planner
Site family: Revitalisation - Transforming from Infrastructure
Strategic site: 72.6 ha
Project site: 6.1 ha
After competition: Urban development plan as base for further steps. Possible involvement in architectural implementations in succession.

For EUROPAN16 Klagenfurt offers its most important site in the city today. Within the next five years a new trans-European high-speed rail infrastructure will bring another dimension of connectivity to the city. A missing link along the expansive Baltic-Adriatic corridor will be closed and Klagenfurt will become one of the stops on this route. The E16 site is at the core of this prospect, located next to the main station and the inner-city centre. New possibilities will derive from this endeavour generating an urban transformation process in the greater area. The E16 site will be its first cornerstone with the potential to ground this unique opportunity. It will serve as a pilot project and will set the frame for a future development.

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