Almar de Ruiter (NL), interior architect
Dominik Bessler (DE), architect
Nikola Pohl (DE), landscape architect
Based in: Vienna, AUSTRIA

Project Description by Team: The city of Celje faces complex challenges due to the climate crisis and the legacy of the former Cinkarna factory. To enable a sustainable future, a green-blue grid is proposed to connect landscapes. Citywide strategies include unsealing surfaces for green spaces, greening courtyards, and creating green roofs and facades. Tree alleys and animal bridges enhance biodiversity and permeability.
The design proposes three steps: Step I focuses on detoxifying the Cinkarna site. Step 2 activates the area, connecting it to the city and its history. Step 3 includes urban planning measures and a diverse program, blending harmoniously with existing buildings. The transformed Cinkarna becomes an important green space and biotope for the city, fostering community identity and sustainable development.

Jury Statement: "[...] From the perspective of urban structure as well as the connection to other areas of the city the project was much appreciated. The jury values the amount of content and attention to detail. Even so, what is not clear enough is a strong vision making. The jury also agrees the project is not site specific enough. Even though the team proposes different measures (reorganization of topography, tree nursery etc.), the project seems as it could also be placed on a non-polluted land. "