The urban weave

Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban architects, urban planners, landscape architects
Site family: Think tabula non-rasa!
Reflection site: 70 ha
Project site: 35 ha
After competition: It is intended to commission the winning team with a process lasting about one year for the creation of an urban planning concept immediately following the competition.

How to think about new, large-scale developments in the present era?

Vienna is growing, and fast! The city is currently one of the fastest growing metropolises in the German speaking region. In the next few years the city is expected to surpass the 2 million mark, which causes an increasing demand for housing. Over the past decade, Vienna has made considerable efforts to expand its public infrastructure. Extensions of existing or new metro lines now quickly reach the fringes of the city. Densification along these corridors is a strategy that the city is pursuing.

It’s in this context that we find the site «Am Heidjöchl». It is located along the new U2 underground line in Vienna’s 22nd district, Donaustadt. Donaustadt borders on the surrounding countryside and is still partially characterised by agriculture. It has a heterogeneous appearance, with carpets of single-family homes alternating with multi-storey terraced houses and interspersed with individual large blocks of flats. Several parts of Donaustadt are earmarked for new urban development. Famous for its size and in the immediate vicinity of Heidjöchl is «Seestadt Aspern», an ongoing mixed development project for around 40,000 people. Other smaller developments are also in the neighbourhood. Heidjöchl, a long-term strategic area, is the final piece in this comprehensive urban strategy.

Local residents value the relaxed atmosphere on the outskirts with lots of green and open spaces and need to use the car more than an average Viennese. Therefore, the project must address existing requirements while proposing an alternative model inclusive and in tune with our planet, where harmful habits can be easily abandoned.

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Site visit Wien
, analog & digital
Thursday 04.05.2023 / 10:00
Meeting point: Underground U2 Station Seestadt Aspern
Registration: Please confirm your participation via email to
(name, number of participants, mobile number) > we will organise bikes for the site visit 
Livestream link: announcement on our website and instagram europan_austria

Q&A Experts - digitale
Monday 08.05.2023 / 10:00 -11:00
Experts from the field of climate, green space and energy answer questions from the participants.
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Meeting-ID: 862 3175 5255
Kenncode: 367305