Urban Topography

Wien, E6

Photo: © Nikos Kouklakis

Anna Popelka (AT)
Georg Poduschka (AT)

housing corporation Frieden
housing corporation BWS

Apart from small adjustments the submission project was done without radical changes on the layout. In particular all essential elements such as the huge atriums and the common spaces could be kept.
Today there is a nursery school, a hostel, and numerous common areas Shared kitchen, laundry, playing areas, terrace on top of the roof, etc. are woven into the inner atrium, which acts as a miniature town, providing direct access to the 187 flats. The flats themselves are highly diverse in its typology, ranging from single to multi-level flats. Some have light scoops, but all flats have a window facing the atrium and share a run-around terrace on the outside.