Wien, E7

Photo: © David Frutos

Vicente Iborra Pallares (ES)
Ivan Capdevilla Castellanos (ES)
Yes Studio
Javier Lorenzo Yañez Molina (ES)



The project includes 115 rental patio houses/flats, 14 offices, 7 retail units, a café, 1 laundry, a playground, a park, parking in the basement and 115 cellars.

After being postponed several times the site construction started in October 2014. Many issues had to be negotiated and fixed till that point in time. Fortunately, the project's concept was strong enough to incorporate these requests and keep its original idea.
Construction has been completed at the beginning of June 2016 - thirteen years after the competition. The project with its manifold housing typologies is a pilot project, but in particular through its outstanding colour the project is known far beyond the 23rddistrict.