Trading the small and the big

Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban planner/landscape architect
Site family: Recover - Stimulating Interfaces
Strategic site: 15.1 ha
Project site: 7,370m2
After Competition: further development and involvement in architectural project is intended

Shopping malls are to be found on the outskirts of town. Atypically, the “CITYPARK” in Graz, a substantial shopping agglomeration, is in a truly central spot. Due to its expansive volume and its focus on cars, it appears somewhat of an “alien giant” sitting in a neighbourhood of much smaller scale. The shopping mall area will be transformed into a multi- functional local hub within the next couple of years. The adjacent neighbourhood area is also changing through densification.

Remarkable green spaces are nearby and crossing the site is a mill stream, an agent for nature. Its current sealed riverbanks hold a possibility to activate one of the most precious elements for inclusive use a city may have: a resilient base enhancing the urban quality for humans and non-humans alike and mediating between different urban interests. A tram line also crosses through, anchoring a public mobility axis in the quarter.

A mix of resources are at hand and want to be instrumentalized for a coherent and inclusive concept to emerge. At the centre is the E16 site. Its role will be to negotiate and to synergize, thereby weaving all the parts together.

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