Zentrum Oed

Linz, E13

Photos: © mia2

studio uek (AT), Mia 2 Architektur (AT)
rajek barosch landschaftsarchitektur

WAG Wohnungsanlagen Gmbh

Öd presents a well-preserved picture of the development of subsidized housing of the last 50 years. The spatial macrostructure of the area appears as an assemblage of islands: large residential areas of the 70s, 80s and 10s, enclosed school campus and open area of social infrastructures. The idea is to understand the district as a network of manifold collectives, overlapping and interfering on both their territories and characteristics. The project aims at identifying, strengthening and connecting the collectives through participative processes on the islands inner areas, and projective spatial interventions on the borders.
The interventions –from the size of one parking lot to the size of a square– carry in themselves the scenario of sharing and belonging as well as the one of change. In order to install these interventions, the project follows a certain storyline: identifying and exposing existing and resilient structural elements both built and landscaped, making use of their spatial qualities, re-interpreting and enriching the elements programmatically..