Suburban Block

Wien, E8

Photo: © Ivan Brodey

Mirza Mujezinovic

Wien Süd
Local Collaborator:
Atelier 4 Architects

The city's housing production had its glory days during 'Red Vienna' period in the 1920s, with Karl-Marx-Hof as its most prominent example. Today, almost in a similar way, the urban periphery, with all its potentials has been the site of new interventions, usually enacted through the format of large-scale housing projects. MALAHOF re-enacts Red Vienna's idea of the big housing block.

The project explores potentials of two contrasting types: the carpet containing 80 atrium houses and the lamella with 170 apartments. The horizontal type of living is mixed with the vertical one. The standard of subsidized housing is used as a departing point for articulation of architectural quality. For example, no bedroom is smaller than 10 sqm, ADA-designed bathrooms, minimum of 15 sqm of private outdoor areas (atriums, balconies, loggias), urban gardening on the roof, 25-meter-long swimming pool with auxiliary functions such as a gym and sauna. (text: Malarchitecture)

Realization period: 2008-2017