Salzburg, E7

Photo: © Touzimsky Herold and Mehlem

Rolf Touzimsky (AT)
Daniela Herold (AT)

Die Salzburg
Housing Agency

The process encountered severe constraints in the form of social housing regulations. Nevertheless, the architects were able to keep the block open to the public, although they had to give up the ambitious concept of a vertical green building. Together with three other projects in the SalzburgLehen district, the project was awarded the Otto-Wagner urban design prize for contribution to a comprehensive urban redevelopment programme. The prize underlines the importance of Europan’s ambition to link the architectural project with the urban scale dimension.

Parklife is a "city figure" consisting of a senior residence, a day care centre, assisted living, public housing, as well as a supermarket, offices and a public park. A total of 17,500 sqm built surface and 3,000m2 park.